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Another late night out for Amy Winehouse in Camden Town. Wearing a blouse with Amy Civil embroidered on it, the troubled singer was spotted at The Monarch pub with a group of friends, including ex-boyfriend Alex Jones-Donnelly (also known as Alex Clair). As Alex walked back to Amy's flat, Amy and her the rest of her mates and bouncers fell out of a the pub around 5am and piled into a black London cab as dawn rose above the British capital. The singer was, however, concerned about the cabby's license (they are only allowed to take five passengers and there were seven in her party) and after driving a few hundred metres to a petrol station, Winehouse ordered her entourage out of the vehicle. Amy stopped to grab her tongue with one hand and her breast with the other (for no seemingly apparent reason) outside the station's shop as her friends, who also included Tom Wright (the son of Radio 2 DJ Steve Wright), were at the kiosk shopping for late night treats/breakfast. The "Rehab" singer, who had clear dirt marks around her neck, then grabbed some bunches of flowers and ran off with them without paying, leaving a bemused forecourt attendant saying that he would probably have to pay for them out of his wages. The group then piled back to Amy's flat, where her ex could be heard serenading the troubled singer on his guitar. Photograph: Dome, Lucas, PacificCoastNews.com ***FEE MUST BE AGREED PRIOR TO USAGE*** UK OFFICE: +44 131 225 3333/3322 US OFFICE: 1 310 261 9676  *************************************************** FRANCE AND SWITZERLAND ONLY *************************************************** (KEYSTONE/MAXPPP/Dome, Lucas, PacificCoastNews.com )
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