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Spain, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, 2009 How can a place be qualified ? Is a place just the agreed geographical physical aspects ? Isn't it a mental construction ? Can the same place be different to each human mind ? Jordi Bernado has wanted to give a unified vision to his work and so has centred himself in repeating a similar structure of planes. There is no intention of creating something pictorial but something solely photographic and for this, in most of the photographs, he has used the vanishing point of the camera itself so that these landscapes, so different from each other, can be compressed into a single one. Bernado's vision is defined in this geometrical cleanliness ...and in it a whole country is treated in the freest way that could possibly be seen. A representation in which the different points chosen are open spaces, open to the horizon and to the universe, substituting the monument for the magnitude of air that surrounds it, for the precise sky at the very moment or for the colour of the leaves of a nearby tree. The photographer has discovered, some time ago, that the only solution against space is to interrogate it and suggest it but never to affirm oneself through it. Lucky Looks is an exercise in humility. Contrary to the cartographer, Bernado doesn't map out the formal features of the landscape but tries to tenderly feel it. With the help of the camera he scans the way the people see, use and give form to their land. The photographer uses photography not in order to find irrefutable information about the place but to discover the way of seeing and understanding it. Jordi Bernardo's project for the Banc Sabadelll consists of a base of pure line drawn of the infinite and imaginative map of Spain. It is a narration of far away and familiar worlds. Espagne, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, 2009 Lucky Looks: Lieux d'Espagne. Jordi Bernado / Agence VU (KEYSTONE/Agence VU/Jordi Bernado)
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